A Cut Above the Rest

Are you the one to cut through the fat and open the Prime Cut Steakhouse concept?

Steak Houses are a beacon of quality restaurants through the world. They are one of the main ports of call for international visitors. Gastro Pubs are an up market venue that links all day parts with food offers, entertainment and a romantic ambient link with the past.

American Steakhouse fused with the Gastro Pub

A dramatic and modern interpretation of the American Steakhouse fused with the Gastro Pub concept lends itself to many venues. Centred by a dining hall, containing an international bar, wine cellar and tapas concepts as well as wide range of craft beers and spirits. This concept has flexibility and will appeal to all generations and all types of consumers in one venue.

This venue is ideal as an Own Door Concept within hotels, offering a prime destination for local clientele and guests alike: in today’s consumer centric world the customer wants more. Hotel operators have the opportunity to create ‘social centres’ and ‘experience destinations’ in their hotels. Hotel guests and locals can sit side by side through the addition of a design led bar or restaurant.

The ‘convenient’ hotel restaurant or bar for guests who are ‘too tired to leave the hotel after a day’s excursions’ is a mentality that should no longer exist; it is time to excite the customer and add value to your hotel. The traditional bar and the modern restaurant that excite customers and make a hotel a go to destination for entertainment, beverage and food experiences is an essential part of any hotels business.

Own door, design led restaurants and bars offer the opportunity of a bustling meeting spot where visitors can integrate with the locals, where the offer surprises and keeps on surprising. Designed with appeal for all generations and all type of guests, hotels today need to realise the opportunity that own door bar and restaurant concepts offer.

Are you the one to cut through the fat and open the Prime Cut Steakhouse concept? Contact us today and find out more. 

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