Kieran McGill, President/CEO, Fadó Pubs Inc.“Fadó Pubs Inc.

“Fadó Pubs Inc. have been working with Irish Pub Company since our first location in Atlanta in 1996.  Over the years Irish Pub Company have designed and built Fadó and Tígín pubs of various sizes for us in fourteen states across the US, with each pub designed uniquely and specifically for its location. 

As the premier designer of Irish Pubs, we have been able to work with Irish Pub Company to innovate and evolve our brands to maintain our relevance in the ever changing consumer landscape.”  

Fadó Irish Pubs & Tigín Irish Pubs in the Irish Pub Company portfolio

This chain of pubs is Irish owned and operated, we strive everyday to deliver great food, drink and banter. We also do a few things you may not expect from an Irish pub. We’re telling the story of Ireland’s pub culture where today you are as likely to find a fresh Mojito as you are a pint of Guinness.

Kieran McGill, President & CEO, Fadó Pubs Inc, Kieran McGill, President/CEO, Fadó Pubs Inc.