Chris Mahony of Mahony & Sons Vancouver, Canada on working with the Irish Pub Company team: 

"Our work with Darren Fagan and his team at the Irish Pub Company on our latest Mahony & Sons location in Vancouver aimed to convert an iconic twenty five year old waterfront restaurant location into a world class modern Irish Pub.  

We were thrilled with the final product and are well positioned to take our brand to a new level in one of the most competitive restaurant industry in North America.  Our customers are literally blown away by the level of detail in that the Irish Pub Company has brought to life in our new establishment.  

We really appreciate Darren and his teams ability to work with all our trades in a timely and professional manner.  The Irish Pub Company is constantly thinking about the entire project and business not only the area that they have been hired to work on.  For Mahony & Sons its always a fun and exciting process when we have the opportunity to work with the Irish Pub Company."

Mahony & Sons Pubs in the Irish Pub Company Portfolio

Chris Mahony, Mahony & Sons, Chris Mahony, Mahony & Sons