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The New Irish Village Dubai

First Few Photos! 

We are delighted to share the news that the New Irish Village Dubai is open! The Irish Pub Company team designed the new Irish Village Dubai. Our team created the first Irish Village over twenty years ago so it is with great pride that we designed the...


Kinsale Irish Pub, Nettuno, Italy

The Kinsale Irish Pub in Netuno Italy was opened on May 13th, 1995 and holds the title of the largest Irish Pub in Europe. Designed, built and manufactured by the Irish Pub Company, the Kinsale features stunning handcrafted joinery, a magnificent bar and many internal shopfronts throughout. Inspired by Kinsale in Co Cork, the McNally Design and...

Shop Style

In times gone by, often a grocery or hardware store would double as a pub. Customers in town to fetch provisions would tend to take a pint of Guinness or a small whiskey to revive flagging spirits. A corner of the shop would be set aside, with simple wooden tables and benches, a pot-bellied stove...