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Official ‘Guinness Irish Pub Concept’ Partner

The Irish Pub Company are the ‘Official Partner of the Guinness Irish Pub Concept’ which means that we are rated as the best in the world at creating the most profitable and authentic Irish Hospitality Concepts.

We design, manufacture and fit-out your venue from start to finish.

How We Work

For generations, The Irish Pub Company has been creating the best pubs and bars around the world. We are unique in a way that we combine our world-acclaimed creative interior design skills with an in-house team of industry experienced operational and marketing consultants to create potent brands and sustainable business concepts.

Our expert team of interior designers and craftsmen work in design, manufacture and fit-out capacity. Excelling as a pub interior design company, we develop interiors with an identity and create spaces for people to come together and socialize in. The Irish Pub Company brings Irish hospitality to the world through food and beverage concepts that are relevant to today.

Being a restaurant interior design company, our turnkey design and fit-out services take the stress and hassle out of the process. Our venues are authentic; designed in Ireland, crafted in Ireland, shipped from Ireland, and installed by our expert team; the whole process is seamlessly project managed from start to finish.


“Return on Investment: On average, investors in pubs can expect a return of around 20-25% annually.”

British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA)

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Profit Margins: Pubs typically boast profit margins ranging from 10-20%, making them highly lucrative ventures.

CGA Strategy

CGA Strategy


Growth Potential: With a projected annual growth rate of 2.5%, the pub industry offers ample opportunities for expansion and increased profitability.


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1 in 15

Employment Impact: Pubs contribute significantly to employment, with approximately 1 in 15 jobs in the UK being supported by the pub sector.

UK Office for National Statistics (ONS)

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Economic Contribution: Pubs contribute over £23 billion annually to the UK economy, highlighting their substantial financial impact.

Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA)

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Resilience: Despite economic fluctuations, pubs have shown resilience, with over 15% of pubs operating for more than 100 years, demonstrating their enduring appeal and stability as investments.

Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA)

Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) logo

Why Take Action Now

The global hospitality industry is indeed substantial and continues to grow significantly. Recent reports indicate that the hospitality market was valued at approximately $4.7 trillion in 2023 and is projected to reach nearly $5 trillion in 2024, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.8%, Hospitality Global Market Report 2024. This growth is driven by the expanding tourism industry, which plays a pivotal role by providing accommodation, dining, and various services that enhance the travel experience.

The World Tourism Organization reported that international tourism surpassed $1 trillion in 2022, showing a significant recovery and growth compared to previous years, Hospitality Global Market Report 2024.

These sources provide a detailed look into the robust and expanding nature of the hospitality industry, reflecting its importance as a key economic sector worldwide. Hospitality can be a sound investment if you choose to work with us we bring a wealth of experience with over 2,000 hospitality businesses built world-wide.

Our Work

Trinity Irish Bar

A piece of Ireland in the heart of Vienna. Austria

At Irish Pub Company, we’re passionate about bringing the spirit of Irish hospitality to Vienna. With over 30 years of experience, we’ve consistently turned ideas into reality, one pub at a time. In Vienna, where history meets modernity, our bar interior design services blend traditional Irish elements with contemporary flair.

Irish Whiskey Museum

Design and Build by McNally Design and The Irish Pub Company. Dublin

In 2014 the Irish Pub Company designed the Irish Whiskey Museum situated in Dublin 2. This innovative design was the first of its type in Ireland and the first ever Irish Whiskey Museum in the world.

Cains Brewery Liverpool

The UK’s Largest Irish Bar. UK

Having created the Punch Tarmey’s brand, our team were delighted to expand on this in such an iconic and interesting venue; expand the Punch Tarmey brand and encompass the history of Cain’s.

We are very proud to be a part of the major development by the Mikhail Hotel and Leisure group at Cain’s Brewery.


What our customers are saying about our services

Our relationship with the Irish Pub Company is a long and strategic one. In addition to building the best Irish pubs in the world, we’re excited that they can connect our brand with like-minded local partners. Abu Dhabi is an exciting, thriving market and we think it’s an excellent fit for the contemporary execution that is Fadó Irish Pub.

Kieran McGill

President and CEO, Fadó Pubs Inc

Restaurant Design Services

Expert Design Solutions for Restaurants

Create your venue with us we are a specialised design and architectural services.

With decades of experience, we excel in transforming spaces to enhance customer experiences. Whether renovating, optimizing layouts, or integrating dynamic bar areas, our team delivers unique solutions tailored to your needs. Harness our expertise to make your business a local standout.

A Hospitality Architecture Firms

Building the future of hospitality Drawing from our extensive portfolio.

Including the comprehensive design of pubs and restaurants in Switzerland, we expertly blend function and flair to create spaces that stand out in the competitive hospitality market. Trust us to elevate your hospitality business to new heights with innovative designs that speak to the soul of your brand.

Restaurant with Bar Design Build Outs

Crafting engaging dining and social spaces.

Our work on combining sleek bar aesthetics with cozy dining areas, as seen in Dublin’s city center pubs, demonstrates our capability to create multifunctional environments that attract and retain patrons. These spaces are designed to encourage social interaction while providing a comfortable dining experience, making every visit memorable.

Traditional Restaurant Interior Design

Preserving heritage, enhancing dining.

Our build-out of Antojo Tacos an Authentic Mexican Restaurant designs. Mixes local traditions with a modern twist, celebrating the region’s history while catering to contemporary tastes. By tailoring our approach to the cultural fabric of your area, we enrich your restaurant’s ambiance and create a space where tradition meets modern dining elegance.

Restaurant Space Planning Services

Maximize your restaurant’s potential.

Our strategic layouts at high-traffic venues like the Irish Pub Company ensure efficient use of space and optimal flow. By implementing smart design solutions, we’ve transformed numerous establishments, enhancing both customer experience and operational efficiency. Experience the transformation that thoughtful, intelligent design can bring to your establishment.


Commercial Restaurant Interior Design

Embrace a world where style meets substance.

Our projects, such as the award-winning makeover of Dublin’s historic eateries, showcase how commercial spaces can transform into vibrant dining experiences that captivate both locals and tourists alike. Our expertise in marrying functionality with elegance will ensure that your restaurant not only looks fantastic but operates seamlessly.


Fit Out In Action!

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Creating Memorable Bar and Restaurant Experiences

Your vision is our inspiration. At the Irish Pub Company, we’re passionate about bringing your ideas to life and creating memorable experiences for your guests. From concept development to construction, our team will work tirelessly to ensure every detail reflects your vision and exceeds your expectations. Together, let’s build a bar and restaurant that becomes the talk of the town!

Creating Exceptional Hospitality Concepts Worldwide Since 1979

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