Our Story

The Irish Pub Company – The Original Guinness Irish Pub Concept Designers

The Irish Pub Company was founded in 1990 by Mel McNally – to this day Mel and the team at the Irish Pub Company remain dedicated to providing the best Irish Pub Concepts throughout the world. We at the Irish Pub Company love Irish Pubs! It is a passion for us, we created the concept and we know it better than anyone else.

We are the only Official Partner of the Guinness Irish Pub Concept and were audited by Guinness to achieve this. 


Our story begins in 1973 and Mel's first encounter with the design of Irish Pubs through a College Project on the ‘Best Designs within Dublin Pubs'.

9610 Boru's Porterhouse_03 (2)The project showed exemplary craftsmanship - the compositions of great glass and metal design and the nuances that made the selected Pubs so successful.

This project became such a success it was exhibited in the Mansion House, Dublin, the home of the Lord Mayor, for months and attracted many visitors.





In the 1980’s, the team created many Classical Designs for pubs throughout Ireland & the UK. From the success of those pubs we realised that the styles we were creating had the same values as the original Great Old Irish Pubs that Mel had studied in the 1970’s.




1990 - The formation of the Irish Pub Company & the Guinness Irish Pub Concept

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In 1990, Guinness and Mel were of the same mind that these Irish Pubs were of historical value and presented a Great Global Business Opportunity. The Irish Pub Company Team embarked on a Country Wide Research Project on pub types and to learn why there was nothing quite like an Irish Pub. Of course this research included many visits to pubs up and down the country!


The Ambition and Focus: To use our creations and research to expand the Guinness Alignment with Irishness through the Irish Pub.



                                                                   1990's -  The Irish Pub Expansion

expanding through europe

We packaged the Irish Pub for export – This became the Guinness Irish Pub Concept – the same concept that every Irish pub Designer uses today. 

In the early 1990’s the Irish Pub expanded into Europe and from 1995 onwards, it expanded into the USA and throughout the rest of the world. To this day – The Irish Pub Company remains the leader in Irish Pub Design.