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Punch Tarmey's Irish Pub St. Helen's
Pub Design in the UK. A handcrafted drinks cabinet designed and  build by Irish Pub Company.

Punch Tarmey’s is a classically designed pub with a heritage throwback to Andrew Mikhail’s grandfather in Ireland who was a boxer of note. Designed and handcrafted in Ireland, the pub has tradition and authenticity embedded throughout its story.

Punch Tarmey’s St Helen’s is the second location in the chain of Punch Tarmey’s pubs our team created for the Mikhail Group. We have expanded this brand into other locations including into the large redevelopment at Cain’s Brewery in Liverpool.

Project Scope

  • Concept & Brand Creation
  • Interior Architecture
  • Handcrafted Joinery & Millwork
  • Lighting Design
  • Furniture Design
  • Custom Flooring
  • Custom made Glass & Signage
  • Bespoke Finishes, Fixtures & Fittings
  • Project Management & Fit Out on Site

    The Best of Old Pub Culture Integrated with the Trends of Today

    Punch Tarmey’s takes the best of old pub culture and integrates it with the trends of today. It satisfies today’s customer and bring them an exciting and intriguing concept. Punch Tarmey’s marks an important step in the future of Irish Pub experiences in the UK. 

    Not only have we addressed the needs of today’s knowledgeable customer and indeed future trends in food and beverage, the venue will have a contemporary warmth yet reaches back to values of great pub heritage.

    Creating an Inviting Atmosphere: Pub Design UK

    Designing the perfect pub in the UK is about more than just aesthetics; it’s about creating a welcoming atmosphere where people can relax and enjoy themselves. At the Irish Pub Company, we’ve mastered the art of blending traditional Irish charm with contemporary design elements. For example, our work on Punch Tarmey’s in St. Helens showcases our commitment to authenticity. The pub’s interior features handcrafted woodwork and vintage décor, which transport patrons back to the cozy pubs of Ireland. The key to successful pub design is attention to detail, from the lighting that creates a warm ambiance to the layout that encourages social interaction.

    Kilkenny Irish Pub Berlin Germany created by the Irish Pub Company and McNally Design

    Setting the Scene: Bar Design UK

    When it comes to bar design in the UK, functionality and style go hand in hand. A well-designed bar is not only visually appealing but also practical for both staff and customers. One of our standout projects is the Nine Fine Irishmen in Las Vegas, which, while not in the UK, exemplifies our ability to create bars that are both beautiful and efficient. In the UK, we apply these same principles, ensuring that the bar area is a focal point where guests feel drawn to gather. Strategic lighting, comfortable seating, and easy access for staff are all crucial components. Our team takes pride in understanding the unique needs of each venue, creating bespoke designs that enhance the overall customer experience.

    Dining in Style: Restaurant Design UK

    Restaurant design in the UK demands a balance between comfort and sophistication. At the Irish Pub Company, we understand that the dining environment plays a crucial role in a patron’s experience. Our designs, such as those implemented at Punch Tarmey’s St. Helens, create spaces where people want to linger over meals and conversations. The use of high-quality materials, thoughtful lighting, and comfortable seating are all essential elements. We also focus on creating flexible spaces that can accommodate different dining experiences, from intimate dinners to large group gatherings. By tailoring each design to the specific needs of the restaurant, we ensure that every venue we work on is a unique reflection of its brand and clientele.

    Comprehensive Support: Training and Menu Selection

    At the Irish Pub Company, our involvement doesn’t end with the design and build. We also provide comprehensive training for staff and management to ensure they are well-prepared to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Additionally, we assist with selecting a food and beverage menu that complements the venue’s design and concept. This holistic approach ensures that every aspect of the pub, bar, or restaurant works harmoniously together, creating a seamless experience for patrons from the moment they walk through the door.

    By focusing on every detail, from design to training, we help our clients create successful, thriving venues.

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