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The Willow Yard Switzerland

A True Irish Pub in Dietikon

Handcrafted in Ireland and shipped piece by piece to Dietikon, The Willow Yard has been created by the Irish Pub Company, led by Mel McNally. Mel has created many authentic and genuine Irish Pubs around the world and with The Willow Yard he has brought a genuine experience of Irish Pub culture to this venue.

“I am delighted with The Willow Yard. It has been an exciting project from the start. When you’re working with brave clients like this, who are willing to embrace true Irish Pub culture it is always a positive. The Willow Yard will be a destination concept and I look forward to witnessing it fast- becoming one of the best Irish Pubs in Switzerland that will only get better with age!”

Scope of services from the Irish Pub Company:

  • Concept Creation
  • Interior Architecture
  • Handcrafted Joinery & Millwork
  • Lighting and Furniture Design
  • Custom Flooring
  • Custom Glass & Signage
  • Bespoke Finishes, Fixtures & Fittings
  • Project Management and Fit Out on Site

A New Generation Irish Pub

The Willow Yard Irish Pub is more than just a pub, it’s a destination. It is more than just another bar, it is a restaurant, gallery, live music venue, outdoor eating and drinking venue. It is your local. The Willow Yard is a true Irish Pub that will offer an escape from the everyday. You will be immersed into the Irish Culture and welcomed with open arms! Designed to allow people to relax and be themselves, taking pleasure in good company and conversation, revel in music and song, and enjoy good wholesome food with satisfying and distinctive drinks… this is a home from home!

The Willow Yard is symbolised by the Willow Tree which throughout history and in many cultures is an important icon – The druids considered the tree sacred and believed the universe was hatched within its branches. Indeed, its wood was used for the construction of musical instruments among druid people.

The Bodhran or the ‘Druids Drum’ was originally made from Willow branches. Beyond ritual and entertainment purposes, the bodhran served as a drum of war; this was to raise the temper of the fighting men against the enemy. Nowadays it is used in traditional music settings to gather the crowd and generate atmosphere.

Bringing Irish Pub Culture to Dietikon: Integrating Swiss Hospitality

At the Irish Pub Company, we pride ourselves on infusing authentic Irish pub culture into every project we undertake, including “The Willow Yard” in Dietikon. Our goal was to create an immersive experience that celebrated the rich traditions of Irish pubs while seamlessly integrating with the warm hospitality of Switzerland.

Irish pub design memorabilia for Dietikon

Irish Pub Design in Dietikon

In designing “The Willow Yard,” we meticulously curated every detail to reflect the ambiance and character of a traditional Irish pub. From the cozy interior adorned with rustic furnishings to the intricate woodwork and vibrant decor, our team captured the essence of Irish pub culture in the heart of Dietikon. Through strategic placement of Gaelic motifs, vintage signage, and atmospheric lighting, we aimed to transport patrons to the charming streets of Dublin while staying true to Dietikon’s unique identity.

Cultural unity for a unique experience

Through our meticulous Irish pub design in Dietikon, we aimed to capture the essence of both Irish pub culture and Swiss hospitality, ensuring that “The Willow Yard” becomes a beloved gathering place for patrons seeking an authentic and memorable experience. With our seamless integration of these two distinct cultural elements, we have created a truly unique destination that celebrates the best of both worlds.

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