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Victorian Style Pub in Malta

Queen Victoria City Pub
Victorian Style Pub in Malta. The Queen Victoria Logo

The Queen Victoria City Pub

The Queen Victoria in Malta is Victorian Style English pub. The detailed craftsmanship, chandeliers, bespoke finishes and glass details make this pub an exquisite venue with details like no other. 

All handcrafted in Ireland, every minor detail of this pub was designed and crafted by our team, expressing the best of pub design in the world. 

    Project Scope

    • Concept & Brand Creation
    • Interior Architecture
    • Handcrafted Joinery & Millwork
    • Lighting Design
    • Furniture Design
    • Custom Flooring
    • Custom made Glass & Signage
    • Bespoke Finishes, Fixtures & Fittings
    • Project Management
    • Fit Out on Site

    An English Victorian Pub in Malta

    Step into a bygone era of Victorian elegance at our English pub in Malta, meticulously crafted by the Irish Pub Company. Embrace the opulent charm of ornate details and quality craftsmanship that define the Victorian era. From intricate tiling to decorative brass accents, every element exudes the essence of upscale Victorian design. Experience the epitome of pub sophistication with bespoke finishes, handcrafted joinery, and exquisite glasswork. Explore our Victorian English pub design in Malta, where timeless elegance meets modern allure.

    Navigating Pub Ownership Malta

    Entering the pub industry in Malta requires a nuanced understanding of local regulations and cultural dynamics. At the Irish Pub Company, we provide tailored guidance on pub ownership in Malta, ensuring compliance with licensing requirements and offering strategic insights to navigate the unique challenges of the Maltese market.

    Plan layout of pub interior design

    Crafting a Distinctive Pub Concept in Malta

    Creating a standout pub concept in Malta demands creativity and cultural sensitivity. Partnering with the Irish Pub Company allows you to develop a bespoke pub concept that resonates with the Maltese audience. Whether it’s infusing traditional Maltese elements or embracing a modern twist, our collaborative approach ensures your pub concept reflects the vibrant spirit of Malta.

    Optimizing Pub Design for Success in Malta

    Designing a pub for success in Malta goes beyond aesthetics; it requires thoughtful consideration of space utilization and customer flow. With our expertise in pub design, the Irish Pub Company tailors each aspect of your pub’s layout and ambiance to suit the Maltese market. From iconic Victorian-style pubs to contemporary gastropubs, we optimize every detail to enhance the guest experience and drive long-term success in Malta’s bustling pub scene.

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    Victorian Style Pub in Malta entrance sign.

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