Portfolio Category: Food & Beverage

Fadó Midtown Atlanta

Fadó Midtown Atlanta is an innovative and revitalised Irish Pub that meets the challenges of the 21st Century influences, creating different experiences within a single space that gives all generations what they want. The pub in Midtown is an expression of 21st Century Ireland and the changes happening today to Dublin’s pub culture. It’s a modern...

Darren Clarke’s Tavern

Darren Clarke’s Tavern is a classic and timeless gastropub in Hilton Head, South Carolina designed and built by the Irish Pub Company. The interiors of the tavern were designed and manufactured in Ireland by the Irish Pub Company and shipped piece by piece to South Carolina. The team then spent a couple of weeks...

Punch Tarmey’s Southport

Punch Tarmey’s is a classically designed pub with a heritage throwback to Andrew Mikhail’s grandfather in Ireland who was a boxer of note. Designed and handcrafted in Ireland, the pub has tradition and authenticity embedded throughout its story. Punch Tarmey’s takes the best of old pub culture and integrates it with the trends of today. It...