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The Irish Pub Company are on a mission to put together a collection of wonderful memories from Irish pubs all over the world.

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In Ireland, a seanachaí is a story teller. Ireland’s Celtic culture has been passed down from generation to generation through stories, prose and song with nothing written down. The Irish people have a great appreciation for the ‘spoken word’ and Ireland has one of the richest folklore traditions in the world. Seanachaí’s hold an important link to this Irish or Celtic Cultural heritage. They created a tradition of storytelling which continues to this day in Ireland.
The Irish Pub Company in partnership with Guinness Brewing Worldwide carried out research all over Ireland to create the Irish Pub Concept, a phenomenon that the Irish Pub Company brought to the world. In our research we were influenced by seanachaí’s, their stories and memories.
We continue to tell the stories of Ireland through the design of our pubs; indeed the seanachaí fire-side gathering area is a design element in many of our pubs and the snug element in many Authentic Irish Pubs allows for an intimate space for groups to share tales and stories. Read more about the importance of the story to the design of an Irish Pub.
What we are doing:
We want to gather the moments experienced in an Irish Pub and share them with the world; a happy moment, a moment of realisation or contemplation or a moment that you will remember forever. Share this moment with us and help us to collate a collection of wonderful memories from Old Irish Pubs all over the world.
Mel McNally, CEO of the Irish Pub Company recalls a moment he experienced in an Irish Pub in the west of Ireland.  “We stopped into O’Donnells in Sligo, all good friends. A round of drinks included a creamy pint, I waited for it to settle and the head hung on until serviced. It brushed my lips, fussed my moustache and with a wipe of my wrist I utter ahh…”
Help us collect some great stories from Old Irish Pubs all over the world! Share your experience in an Irish Pub with us and we will include them on our website. We will then choose one memory that will win a ‘very rare’ Irish prize.
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