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Even before purchasing food or beverages, a customer will look for cues in their surroundings and begin to judge the quality and capabilities of the food and beverage venue before a morsel of food liquid touches their lips!

They judge the design, the interiors, they soak up the atmosphere – all while forming their first opinion…and then they sample the food and drink….all the time formulating the customer review which every operator aims to keep as complimentary as possible.

Irish Pub Company - Design and Build. Future Proofing the Irish Pub

Irish Pub Company Food and Beverage Design and Build.


Research in the Servicescape field has found that the physical environment affects the customer’s ultimate satisfaction and enjoyment levels. Service businesses such as hotels, pubs, bars, restaurants, café’s need to carefully exploit their physical environment to influence customer behaviours and create an image that positively affects experience.

Atmosphere and Design are key to influencing Customer Consumption in all Food and Beverage Outlets

Designs Influence Customer Consumption!

Mel McNally discusses how design and atmosphere can impact on the behaviour of customers…“We believe customer relaxation and happiness is critical to behaviour in food and beverage. Our primary design objective is to give the customer a heightened experience and offer them a taste of self-indulgent interiors, where they can be comfortable and satisfied. Our designs provide a sense of discovery, a sense of belonging and a reason to stay for more and contribute further to the bottom line.”

Atmosphere might seem like an intangible phenomenon that just happens without effort and cannot be controlled. But in reality a concentrated design effort will create a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere, one that draws customers in and keeps them coming back to experience it again and again – Designs Influence Customer Consumption!
Beer Garden Design from the Irish Pub Company 

The McNally Design and Irish Pub Company design team create designs that deliver a quality refreshing environment, that embrace customer wishes and which should be complemented by high quality food and beverage… thus creating a destination venue with an  atmosphere, created through design and operations that ensure customers come back again and again.

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Food and Beverage Design and Build from the Irish Pub Company

Food and Beverage Design and Build from the Irish Pub Company