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How much does it cost to design and build a pub or bar?

So, how much does it cost to design and build a pub? 

At the Irish Pub Company, there are two ways we work regarding the budget for a project and establish the cost to design and build a pub.

DEFINED BUDGET:  If a client has a defined budget for whatever reason, then we engage with the client and if we feel we can work to the budget we will work a design into that budget.

NO DEFINED BUDGET:  The second way to define the budget for an Irish Pub Company Design and Build project would be to evaluate the project alongside the client. We discuss the client’s expectations, size of the opportunity, the offering, the design style, the timeframe of the project and then we suggest a budget for the project.

Our aim is always to work into a client’s budget figure at concept creation stage and value engineer where possible.


The Information we Need to Establish the Budget for your Pub or Bar:

Our team are experts at placing budgets against projects but prior to giving you a budget we need a small amount of information from you:

SIZE: Ideally we ask clients to send us layout plans of the space.

DESIGN INTENT:  The style of pub you would like to build.

SITE CONDITION & COMPLEXITY: The condition of the existing site and how complex the space is, i.e. will it need one bar or more.

At the Irish Pub Company we are asked every day how much a pub costs. We cannot quote for a generic ‘Irish Pub’  – each pub is different! However we can quote for YOUR PUB once we have had a discussion with you and know more about your project, we can then estimate a square metre rate for your project and finalise this once the concept is created.

Contact our team about your project and more information about how we place budgets against projects.