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The Irish Pub Company design, create brands, build and fit out Irish Pubs, Gastro Pubs, Restaurants, Night Clubs, Sports Bars, Cocktail Bars, Contemporary Pubs and Hotels in Ireland and around the world. We love Irish Pubs and we have designed and built in excess of 1000 Irish Pubs in every corner of the globe; large and small, for sole operators and for major brands but our philosophy remains; to work with each client, understand their wishes, their expectations and then translate this into a successful business.
As the Official Partner of the Guinness Irish Pub Concept and the company that created the concept one may think we at the Irish Pub Company would be hesitant to admit the Irish Pub must evolve.

The story of the Irish Pub Concept the first time round…

 In 1990, in partnership with Guinness Brewing Worldwide, the Irish Pub Company team traveled all over Ireland and researched what made Irish Pubs so successful. Together, Guinness and our team developed the concept that forms the basis of all Irish Pub design today. With Guinness, we brought the Irish Pub investment opportunity around the world…

BUT with the concept compromised – is it time to refocus and ensure the Irish Pub can meet the demands of today’s influences?

The Irish Pub Company and Guinness, revisiting the research…

In the last few years, the Irish Pub Company has revisited the concept; We have once again carried out the research for Guinness and established what the key elements and essential values are in 2016 for a pub from Ireland. The demographics, beverage influences and consumption patterns of consumers have evolved and with these influences front and centre of our thoughts we have developed the revitalised Irish Pub or is it, the Pub from Ireland?

Why now and what’s different?

With the first ever Minister for the Diaspora appointed in 2014, marking the first significant official gesture of political representation for Irish Diaspora around the world – now it’s time to mobilise the troops and revitalise the most important portal to Ireland that exists around the world. The Irish Pub needs to be a fusion between global experiences yet grounded in local heritage.

The Irish Pub Company have launched the Irish Pub Concept again to excite the consumer, add value for the operator and to establish our Irish Pubs as beacons for quality.

We are establishing trends in Irish Pub design that are more modern and rediscover the experience of the Irish Pub…

  • Elements of our new designs (we can’t give it all away!) include a consumer-centric approach, positioning brands in a stronger way, spaces for the social interaction patterns of today and the surprise.
  • We need to; rediscover the social aspect of the pub, offer experiences that cannot be got at home; compete with home entertainment and most importantly we need to keep surprising in a way that is worth paying for.
  • With the true essence of the Irish Pub being lost to other brands, it is time to refresh the concept with today’s influences in mind and once again position the authentic, design driven Irish Pubs of the world as a remarkable business opportunity. 


IMG_0571_1So, is it an Irish Pub or a pub from Ireland? Or does is really matter?!

The Irish Pub Company’s revitalised concept, understands who the customer is, what the customer wants and executes what the customer expects. What matters is that the values that has made the Irish Pub so successful remain.  

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