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Irish Pub Health Check

The Irish Pub Health Check and Revitalization Programme.

From the Irish Pub Company and Ballance Hospitality


View the Irish Pub Health Check Video here.

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Things change, times change, Pubs get old and some become irrelevant. It is a fact of life of this Modern Day Pub & Restaurant Business.

As pubs age, their condition changes as well. This change isn’t always a bad thing but there are elements within any facility that need to be updated to stay on top.

Our Health Check goes beyond typical maintenance, that’s not what we are proposing. Our primary objective is to measure the value of an aging asset relative to the cost of replacing that asset. We look at the existing design infrastructure and operations and we brainstorm ways to enhance it.

Our goal is not to uproot the existing business but make it better and relevant again.

We are not reinventing the wheel! 



Our Objectives

  • Enhance existing design elements, replace where necessary
  • Revitalize the interior while maintaining authenticity and the connection to Ireland
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Improve Operations efficiency, organization, strategy and insight
  • Increase sales and profit!


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View the Irish Pub Health Check Video here