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Modern Pub Design and How to Compete with Netflix in 2017

The food and beverage industry has competitors in all shapes and forms; from cheap alcohol offers in supermarkets to binge watching the likes of Narcos on Netflix night after night; there are many attractive options to today’s potential customer.

We live in a flash in a pan society where people want a new and exciting experience to share on their social media night after night … so how can a bar, restaurant or pub compete for attention and business?

Food and Beverage businesses need to offer the customer something more. It is essential to redefine social experiences within pubs, bars and restaurants.

Speaking at a conference of pub investors and owners in Dublin recently Anna McNally explained that: “Changing customer preferences are impacting on how we need to run our businesses. We need to offer customers an attractive alternative to staying in, compete against Netflix and offer entertainment and excitement.”…

The Irish Village Dubai. Designed and Built by the Irish Pub Company. Voted the best in the world.

The Irish Village Dubai. Designed and Built by the Irish Pub Company. Voted the best in the world.

Restaurants and bars have not been simply about eating and drinking for many years now – they are about the experience, an experience that is worth spending money on and an experience a customer wants to return to again and again.

… “We know what customers want is a great time and a memorable experience; no matter what type of experience they are looking for… Some people want to sit at bar and meet strangers, some want to chill with friends, some want to dine and some just want to enjoy a quiet pint and contemplate life.

Whatever a customer is there for, when they enter a bar or restaurant, they need to relax and all stress needs to dissipate – this can be achieved through expert design that works in tandem with efficient operations and management.

Great design will provide new ways of consuming, retailing and new ways to encourage and help people interact. We need to entice people to socialise by providing them with an environment and experience that is more attractive than staying in. The trends in modern pub design that we are currently implementing at the Irish Pub Company will offer this.”

Pubs And Bars Need To Revitalise and Offer More

Although the economy is improving around the world, levels of disposable income are still at a premium and pubs and bars need to sell an experience, not just food and alcohol. Today’s consumer is a savvy one and will not part with their money easily. They want more than they can get at home. They want to go to concept destinations and share new & exciting Gastro, Beverage and Event experiences with their peers.

Evolving beverage influences including craft beers, gins, whiskeys and coffee need to be captured in bar and pub design. Customers care more about the product they are purchasing.

Through our designs, the Irish Pub Company and McNally Design tell the story of the products, involve and educate customers. We fuse local and global in terms of offering and experience. We enable operators to offer new products and capture the consumer trends.

We give potential customers a reason to put down the remote control!

Expert design will get them in, keep them there and bring them back!

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Contemporary Bar Design by the Irish Pub Company

Contemporary Bar Design by the Irish Pub Company