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The Irish Pub Company – Process of Designing and Building a Pub

The Irish Pub Company process of designing and building a pub has been proven time and time again since we created the Irish Pub Concept over 25 years ago. Since then we have designed and built pubs in over 56 countries around the world.

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1. Site Inspection & Evaluation 

Once you have reached out to the Irish Pub Company team in Ireland, USA or the UAE we then evaluate the potential of your site.

We ask that you sent on the floor plans and any photos of the space so that we can discuss your vision, expectations, budget and the timeline within which you would like to open your business.

We recommend where drawings are not available we visit the site to complete a site survey.


2. Design Concept Creation 

Our team develop a bespoke design concept for you, we define the underlying logic, thinking and reasoning for the design. During concept stage we provide you with:

  • A Layout Plan
  • Design Description
  • Perspective  View
  • Design Moods
  • Branding (if required)
  • Cost Schedule for the manufacture and supply of the Pub. * Transportation and Installation of the goods will be priced separately depending on the size and the location of the pub.


        Once we have completed the Design Concept phase and it is signed off by the client we begin the schematic and detail design. 

Contracts are exchanged agreeiqng the project programme, client responsibilities & payment terms & we commence manufacture and supply.


3. Schematic & Detailed Design  

Client Work Drawings:  The Irish Pub Company design team issue ‘client work’ drawings to our clients. These indicate what works need to be done locally to receive our goods. Our team liaise with the contractor or local architect to ensure that the ‘first fix’ works are carried out accurately and on time.

Interior Packages: We provide the client with interior sample finishes boards that indicate the finishes for the pub interior. All elements of Irish Pub Company pubs are custom made to the highest quality. These include:

  • Wood and Joinery Stains
  • Light Fixtures
  • Furniture
  • Fabrics
  • Glass and Signage
  • Flooring
  • Ironmongery and Metalwork
  • Wall Finishes
  • Ceiling Finishes

The presentation of these finishes gives our client a real sense of the atmosphere that will be created.


                                 Once the packages are signed off by the client we commence manufacture of the pub.


4. Production & Manufacture  

The interior of your pub or bar is handcrafted by our team of expert craftsmen.

We provide each client with progress reports throughout the manufacture process which include photographs of the pub elements – this allows the client to understand the quality of each element and these photos can be particularly useful if the client has commenced marketing and promotion for the new business!


5. Transport, Fit-Out & Project Management 

When our team have completed the manufacture and all elements of your pub are ready, we ship the pub to site.

Our logistics team have over 25 years’ experience of transporting pubs to all corners of the globe.

Our fit out crew travel to the site and are on hand to unload the containers when they arrive. Our crew includes joiners, tilers, painters and specialist artists who work to install the entire pub. Our fit out crew are pub experts and ensure that each and every element of the pub is installed to reflect the design.


6. Operational Consultancy 

On request, the Irish Pub Company team can provide marketing and operational consultancy to help you get your pub up and running.

Contact us for more information.