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Serving craft beers was a small niche market opportunity up to a few years ago. Now however, pubs cannot afford to ignore the craft beer industry and its recent explosion!
The craft beer explosion is indicative of the changing consumer and their preferences; customers want interesting, differentiated and quality products. They want to get more than they can get at home and the pub needs to offer something that is worth paying for.
Beer centric bars and restaurants are becoming increasingly popular. Specialising in niche beers is an added pull factor for any restaurant or bar. Publicans and operators will not be short of suppliers as microbreweries and small scale producers who are so passionate about this industry are continuously reinventing and pushing the boundaries of brewing beer.
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Craft Beer and Microbrewery Pub Essentials from the Irish Pub Company

Knowledgeable and Passionate Bar Staff
Staff need to be knowledgeable and passionate about craft beers. They should be able to recommend new tastes, offer tasting palates and ideally have the time to listen and talk to patrons.

Product Display Opportunities
The range of Craft Beers is extensive and displaying these can be challenging. The bar or the ‘alter of service’ needs to display clearly the products on offer. In our revitalised pub design for the 21st century, the Irish Pub Company addresses this through unique design elements which increase display opportunities and makes bar operations more efficient.
Operational Considerations
Offering craft beers comes with operational considerations; menu changes need to be quick and easy so using blackboards and simple printed menu’s will make this achievable; the bar design for a craft beer bar needs to take into consideration the number of taps that the operator will need; the staff behind the bar need to be accessible and an area for events and tastings will be vital to diversify the offering of the bar.
Complementing Food Menus
While we have been pairing wines with menus for many years now it is time to pair beers and foods. Design your menu with beer recommendations in mind.
Excitement and Events
Events are a large pull factor for any bar or pub. When designing a craft beer pub, the Irish Pub Company, through our revitalised pub design techniques take this into account, offering more opportunities for the publican and making their bar a place for diversified offerings.
Support Local with the Signature Tap
And… Support your local breweries and producers! Install a tap and choose a signature local beer of the week.

So where in the world has most breweries?

The United States has over 4,000 microbreweries and craft beer producers nationwide. The United Kingdom comes second with approximately 750 breweries.

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