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St Patricks Day, March 17th, is a day that offers Ireland and as a result authentic Irish Pubs and Restaurants an opportunity to celebrate with their existing customers and engage and entice new customers like no other day of the year.

St. Patrick’s Day is the largest celebration of Irish Heritage around the world and takes place every year on March 17th. St Patrick’s Season (let’s face it, it is more than just a day!) presents a significant opportunity for Irish pubs around the world to showcase Irish culture, attract customers, and boost sales. In our blog we look at the potential benefits the Irish Pub offers for publicans around the world:

– Increased Foot Traffic: St. Patrick’s Day is widely celebrated globally, with people of various nationalities joining in the festivities. Irish pubs can expect a surge in foot traffic as locals and tourists alike seek out authentic Irish experiences.

– Cultural Celebration: St. Patrick’s Day provides an excellent opportunity for Irish pubs to celebrate their heritage and culture. They can organize special events, such as live music performances, traditional Irish dance shows, or themed trivia nights, to engage customers and create a festive atmosphere.

– Boost in Sales: St. Patrick’s Day often leads to increased sales for Irish pubs, while people indulge and stay longer to be a part of the atmosphere!

– Promotion and Marketing: St. Patrick’s Day serves as a prime opportunity for Irish pubs to promote their establishments and attract new customers. They can bring the curious customer in and make them into a loyal friend, a regular!

– Tourist Appeal: For tourists visiting countries where St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated, authentic Irish pubs offer Irish culture and hospitality. Tourists often seek out Irish pubs on St. Patrick’s Day to experience the festive atmosphere, enjoy traditional Irish music and food, and mingle with locals and fellow travellers.

While St. Patricks Day is symbolised by the colour green, it offers a golden opportunity for Irish pubs! By capitalizing on the festivities and creating a memorable experience, Irish pubs can maximize the potential of this special time of year!

St Patrick’s Day offers an incredible Opportunity for the Irish Pub & in turn Ireland Inc. Authentic Irish pubs keep an important connection from Ireland and its people to the rest of the world.

Authentic, design-led Irish pubs bring home to the Irish diaspora while making visitors feel at home.

Sláinte! Have a Very Happy St Patrick’s Day!