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Do you ever walk by a pub or restaurant and wonder what it’s like inside? Should you take the jump and poke your head around the door to see if it is worth a visit? Or if you do… will the whole place turn and look to see who it is at the door like the small old pubs in rural Ireland?!

Curb appeal helps with the “gradual psychological commitment to choosing a pub or restaurant”

Food and beverage businesses are making a mistake if they don’t work on their ‘Curb Appeal’. Here are our essential Curb Appeal elements for you to consider:

Consider your environment and convey the right message: The ultimate objective is to show a potential customer you have what they want and you can show them a great time. In colder countries convey comfort and warmth. If you have an open fire in the front area of your pubs or restaurant ensure it’s visible from outside in. In warmer climates, smells and sounds will attract. Concertina windows on a shopfront are a great way to blur the outdoor and indoors.
Shopfront Design: Hire experienced designers to create a professionally designed shopfront. Focusing on the architectural details will create a façade which will attract attention.
Signage: Signage ultimately gives the publican the opportunity to communicate their offering and to transform a passer-by into a customer. The Irish Pub Company are experts in signage design.
Lighting: As with all other elements of your shopfront, stay on brand with lighting. Set the tone. Use lighting to ensure your signage is highlighted and please if you are a traditional Irish Pub for example, stay away from neon!
Windows: There is no point in having a packed pub inside but not communicate it to additional potential customers. Windows will enable passers-by to see into your venue, understand the atmosphere and the type of place it is.
Some other considerations:
Cleanliness: We don’t have to say it but ensure that your shopfront and curb area are cleaned regularly and to a high standard. If the area has seating, ensure that staff members are responsive and are clearing tables regularly.
Menu Display: Displaying your menu outside your premises offers customers the opportunity to explore what’s an offer, it also offers passers-by who are not in the market for a drink or food that night to learn more about your business and plan a return visit.

Don’t miss out on a high impact marketing opportunity when it comes to curb appeal! Use Curb Appeal to communicate a great time for customers, stay on brand and it will tempt passers-by to cross the threshold and try it out.

The Irish Pub Company designs beautiful shop fronts that match the character of each project – contact the Irish Pub Company team to learn more about our design and build services.

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About the Irish Pub Company

The Irish Pub Company led by Mel McNally in Dublin and Darren Fagan in the USA is the most experienced in the design and build sector. We design, create brands, build and fit out all types of pubs and bars around the world. Through our sister company, Pubs Clubs Bars Worldwide we have extended our creativity and our innovative design concepts to other markets.

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