Our Project Styles

Irish Pub Company Project Styles

  • Modern Irish & Gastro
    Modern Irish Gastro Style Pub Fadó Bar and Restaurant

    Modern Irish & Gastro

    An up market venue that links all day parts with food offers, entertainment and a romantic ambient link with the...


  • Victorian Style

    Victorian Style

    With its attention to ornate detail and insistence on quality craftsmanship, the Victorian-style pub, often found in Dublin, harks back...


  • Shop Style

    Shop Style

    In times gone by, often a grocery or hardware store would double as a pub. Customers in town to fetch...


  • Country Style Irish Pub

    Country Style Irish Pub

    The design for the Country Style Irish Pub derives from the traditional stone-built style of an Irish country cottage, many of...


  • Celtic Style

    Celtic Style

    The Celtic Style Irish Pub captures the character of the Gaelic people, well known for their dedication to merry-making, music...


  • Brewery Style

    Brewery Style

    These pubs are reminiscent of St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin, home of the world’s most famous stout, Guinness. The...