Portfolio Tag: Irish Pub Concept

The Dubliner Irish Pub, Millennium Kurdistan Hotel & Spa

The Irish Pub Company brings Irish Pub Culture to many unique destinations all over the world. Together with our colleagues at McNally Design we were tasked by Millennium Hotels to bring the first Irish Pub to Kurdistan Iraq. The Dubliner Irish Pub is located in the Millennium Kurdistan Hotel & Spa; a 5-star hotel located in Sulaymaniyah. Scope...

Punch Tarmey’s Southport

Punch Tarmey’s is a classically designed pub with a heritage throwback to Andrew Mikhail’s grandfather in Ireland who was a boxer of note. Designed and handcrafted in Ireland, the pub has tradition and authenticity embedded throughout its story. Punch Tarmey’s takes the best of old pub culture and integrates it with the trends of today. It...

Mandys Apothecary Russia

Mandy's Apothecary Irish Pub Russia is the latest addition to the Irish Pub Company family based in Moscow. Situated in Moscow, Russia, the Irish Pub Company designed and built this authentic Irish Pub in Ireland, shipped it to Russia and then our team installed each and every element to make Mandy's Apothecary a real authentic Irish...