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A Little Bit of Beer Garden History

In the 18th century, German brewers came up with a great idea to plant gardens on their rooftops in order to keep the temperatures in the building low enough for their brews to ferment. Soon enough, some of the brewers realised that it would be profitable to start serving beer in those gardens and so the ‘beer garden’ was born!

However, creating the right atmosphere in a beer garden will take some careful planning and attention. Atmosphere might seem like an intangible phenomenon that just happens without effort and cannot be controlled. But in reality a concentrated design effort is required to create this atmosphere.
Beer Garden Design from the Irish Pub Company

Here are a few ideas on beer garden design from the Irish Pub Company team to help create an atmospheric outdoor area that will attract visitors from far and wide!

One: Use your existing building and express its character in your beer garden.
Don’t dilute your brand, create a space that has the same feel as your pub. While we don’t suggest bringing your pub outdoors, it is important to complement your brand in a suitable way for the outdoors.

Two: Expose your Brand!
Don’t think about the beer garden as a simple add-on – they are a great opportunity to expose your brand and like a shopfront, they can be the first impression and lasting memory of your business.

Three: Be prepared for all types of weather!
Remember it’s not warm all of the time and although we in Ireland never seem prepared for the rain, be prepared! An extendable cover and heaters make the beer garden a space that can be used even throughout the cooler seasons.

Four: Get the seating right!
Bums on seats is the name of the game. Ensure your furniture is flexible, comfortable and of a standard that will last and is suitable for outdoors, it will be exposed to the elements.

Five: Lighting
Not only does the correct use of lighting create a good atmosphere, remember it will also get dark! Careful planning with lighting will create an illuminated ambiance and a unique character that will add a warm feel to your beer garden’s atmosphere.

Six: Keep your neighbours happy!
Use design-led screens to hide any unsightly but necessary items! Low fences, the use of screens and trees surrounding your beer garden are a good way to create this effect. Planting is a great way to brighten up a beer garden!

Seven: Ensure that your staff don’t forget about the beer garden patrons. If you have table service, don’t forget about the garden!

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