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Bringing Irish Pub Culture to the World. Defining and Exporting the Irish Pub Brand.

At the Irish Pub Company, we bring Irish Pub culture to the world by creating authentic design led destinations. We focus on branding Irish Pubs abroad and pride ourselves on being the ultimate ambassadors of Ireland’s exports. Our unique designs promote the best of Ireland’s craftsmanship, arts & culture and deliver an authentic experience for customers who will return again and again.

Authentic Irish pubs keep an important connection from Ireland and its people to the rest of the world.  Irish Pubs & Bars are satellites of Irish-ness, gathering venues, which in any location around the world attract a broad spectrum of customers, exposing them to a taste of Ireland and for a moment “bringing them all back home”.

Central to exporting the brand of a place is its identity and its culture – embedding this into authentic design and telling the story is central to the success of exporting the Irish Pub.

Exporting the ‘local’ and exporting the culture will only be successful if the people from that culture and the culture itself are sure of its identity.

The brand needs to exist prior to being exported – if it is created to be exported, the authenticity will not exist and will not last the test of time, people will not buy into it and it will never become an internationally recognisable brand.

Brand creation and definition, where we define the character of the pub is an extremely important part of our design and build process– it will define the identity of the pub and in turn impact on the the design features throughout the pub. It will ensure it is as authentic as possible and authentic Irish Pubs are the ones that stand the test of time.

Here are some brands in the Irish Pub Company portfolio:

The Irish Pub Company offers authenticity instead of transported themes. Our sustainable, authentic designs with an acknowledgement of local cultural needs are major components which contribute to the success of our pubs.