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The Irish Pub Company Design and Build Fadó Midtown ~ An innovative and Revitalised Irish Pub. 

Fadó Midtown is our latest example of the Irish Pub Company Revitalised Irish Pub Concept which Mel McNally, our CEO, presented at the Irish Pubs Global Gathering event in February.

We, the Irish Pub Company have evolved the Irish Pub to:
~  fascinate our customers
~  to compete with competitors of the concept and
~  to re-align the Irish Pub as a Global Phenomenon
The Revitalised Irish Pub is Embedded in Tradition but Expressed in a More Imaginative and Surprising Way.
  ~  Have we retained the IRISHNESS? … Yes
  ~  Have we retained TRADITION? …Yes
  ~  Have we retained AUTHENTICITY? … Yes
The Concept that is Fadó Midtown complements and extends the Fadó Brand. This outlet continues the Irish Story of the New Ireland, reaching out to include its global connections. As with all Irish Pub Company designs, Fadó Midtown is faithful to its roots; its Irish-ness continues to have centre stage but in more creative ways.
High in our creative process in designing the new Fadó in Midtown Atlanta was to evolve the brand and meet the challenges of the 21st Century influences. We have created different experiences within a single space that gives all generations what they want. We have retained the Irish timelessness by embedding tradition in more surprising ways, by expressing the global perspective through connections and promoting local heroes.
Scale, drama and excitement with colour alongside the simplicity and dark sleekness of wood of the bar and back bar contrasted by colourful traditional tiling personify Ireland’s timeless past and at the same time its multi-cultural expression and identity of today. Wall and cabinet memorabilia tell the personal story of Ireland’s global connections in both distilling and retailing.
“The pub in Midtown is an expression of 21st Century Ireland and the changes happening today to Dublin’s pub culture. It’s a modern pub that combines the best of the old with the new: Irish timelessness, a global perspective and homage to local ‘heroes’.
You see historical Ireland in the deep woods, the Whiskey Room, the great Irish beer brands and Irish specialty paint and pictures. The clean craftsmanship and design reflect the global influences of New York and mainland Europe on Dublin’s pub and restaurant scene. You’ll see a healthy selection of the region’s best craft beers and local spirits as well as art telling the story of Coke’s strong connection to Ireland.” Fadó Irish Pubs.
The story of an Irish Pub is central to its design. Irish Pub Company pubs are all unique, they tell their own story and have their own personalities. Central to the story of Fadó Midtown Atlanta is the story of Coca Cola. Coca Cola’s history began in Atlanta in 1886. It invested in Northern Ireland in 1939 and the Republic of Ireland in 1952.
coco cola ww 2
In the 1940’s during World War II, Robert Wooddruff, President of Coca-Cola made a gesture to the troops; ‘every man in uniform gets a bottle of Coca-Cola for 5c wherever he is’.  At that time Northern Ireland was a strategic base for the repair and servicing of United States aircraft; it is estimated that nearly one million US Serviceman passed through Northern Ireland in the war years.
This story and this connection between the USA and Ireland is embedded in the design of Fadó Midtown. The design surprises and keeps on surprising.
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