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Here Comes the Judge

Here comes the Judge – A New Design Concept from the Irish Pub Company

Some of our design inspiration here at the Irish Pub Company comes from collectables and salvaged items. Imagine the Courthouse pub or club.

Irish Pub Concept Courthouse Picture

Take an existing courthouse, turn it into a dramatic spirit bar. With distinct areas for gathering and meeting spaces created by adding and designing a contemporary feel into this existing courthouse. Comfort in pockets of spaces that differ in style and scale will excite the customer and keep on exciting. With rustic, historic interior highlighted by modern design and technology, the Courthouse offers all age ranges what they want in one location.

Today’s pubs, clubs and bars must make the intrigued and the curious customer into the loyal customer. Whether customers are being arraigned, sitting on the grand jury, giving the closing argument or spending time with a drink pondering over the evidence the Courthouse offers an exciting opportunity for investors and operators.

The Courthouse lends itself to a design concept that ticks all the boxes when it comes to the 21st century design:
~  A place of intrigue
~  A place with real expressions of people and culture
~  A place of escapism
~  And most importantly places for social gatherings and entertainment for all occasions.

The Courthouse provides a new exciting design concept; through the layout, flow and the talking point of the Courthouse, this design will add value for the operator and will truly excite the customer.

Are you the customer to take on the judge and enter the courthouse?

Contact the Irish Pub Company team today for more information about this and other design concepts that will add value to your business.


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