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Irish Pub Company: Brand Creators, Bar, Pub and Restaurant Designers.


At the Irish Pub Company we have created many successful brands of Irish Pub throughout the world


Mahony & Sons
Fadó Irish Pubs
Durty Nellies
Nine Fine Irishmen
PJ O’Briens… and many many more.

Operated by the world’s top publicans these brands know what it takes to remain successful and relevant in today’s environment; keeping up to date with what the consumer wants, tailoring their offerings and staying ahead of competitors in the market with one of the world’s strongest concepts, the Irish Pub Concept.
Having created the Irish Pub Concept in the 1980’s the Irish Pub Company is best placed to evaluate your business and advise on what is needed to keep that competitive advantage and differentiate your business over your competitors.

Irish Pub Nine Fine Irishmen Las Vegas. Design, Build, Consultancy by the Irish Pub Company

Irish Pub Nine Fine Irishmen Las Vegas. Design, Build, Consultancy by the Irish Pub Company

How do you know when you should revitalize your Irish Pub?

Here are some thoughts:

  • Have you strayed away from your core beliefs?
  • Are you making less money than you were five years ago?
  • Have you lost your edge? Has your performance slipped?
  • Are you in touch with your customers and their wants and needs?
  • Have you been outmaneuvered or have you become “outdated” by competitors or peers?
  • Do you continue to differentiate yourself in a changing, competitive marketplace?


Mel McNally, Irish Pub Company and McNally Design: Design Concepts must produce a return on investment and be profitable for our clients, in whatever way their profits are measured. We believe that every project is born of a specific business need. Meeting that need is a true test of our success.

The Irish Pub Company refurbishment and revitalisation programme is bringing the pub concept forward to meet the demands of the evolving customer and the challenges posed by new competitors, new consumer needs, new beverage influences and new consumption patterns!
With over 35 years’ experience in creating Irish Pubs and food and beverage solutions our team can examine your business and address the gaps.

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