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An Expression of 21st Century Ireland.

Fadó Midtown Project; A proud finalist for ‘International Project of the Year’

The design, build & fit-out of Fadó Midtown Atlanta by the Irish Pub Company has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Fit Out Awards in the ‘International Project of the Year’ category. 


About Us, the Irish Pub Company!

The Irish Pub Company are a team of interior designers & architects based in Dublin, Dubai and the USA. CEO, Mel McNally along with the rest of the team at the Irish Pub Company are the original creators of the Irish Pub Concept that was created in partnership with Guinness in 1990. Since then the team has exported Irish Culture through its pubs & has worked in over 53 countries around the world.

In 2015, the Irish Pub Company undertook a major study to determine what an Irish Pub in the 21st Century should be. Fadó Midtown is a prime example of how the originators of the Irish Pub Concept have made the Irish Pub relevant and popular to the consumers of today.

The Brief and the Fadó Irish Pub Concept

Execution of the Project – The Brief and the Fadó Irish Pub Concept

Project managed by the Irish Pub Company team in the USA, designed in the Irish Pub Company design hub in Dublin, manufactured in Ireland and shipped and built in the USA by a team of Irish fitters who travelled to the USA, this truly was an international effort throughout the entire execution of the project.
The Irish Pub Company have designed and built every pub for the Fadó Irish Pub Group since its formation. Fadó Midtown Atlanta is the latest addition to the portfolio. The brief from Fadó was to create a new exciting pub to add to their portfolio, one that was in keeping with the Fadó brand, expressed the Fadó brand values, yet was very much a 21st century pub that would focus on delivering high quality food and entertainment.
The Irish Pub Company set about creating a concept that was grounded in local heritage and rich in Irish culture, yet it had sufficient global influences and offerings so that it would attract every consumer demographic to one location. Read more about the story of the Fadó Midtown Concept here. 

Fadó Midtown Atlanta Irish Pub and Restaurant Design Details

Fadó Midtown Atlanta Irish Pub and Restaurant Design Details

Scale, drama and excitement with colour alongside the simplicity and dark sleekness of wood of the bar and back bar are contrasted by colourful traditional tiling. These elements personify Ireland’s timeless past and at the same time its multi-cultural expression and identity of today.


The Bar

Irish Pub Company Bar Elevation and Bar Design

Irish Pub Company Bar Elevation and Bar Design

The bar in Fadó Midtown has detailed joinery in dark wood which hark back to the Victorian Style Irish Pub. The addition of the granite piece in this front bar brings it into the 21st century and add character to the bar.

New Technology with Traditional Values
New Technology with Traditional Values

 Focusing on lighting colour, texture and materials, the space has been transformed into a thriving food and beverage venue that operates throughout the day and night with different offerings.

whiskey room

Dynamic Internal and External Spaces

The space incorporates iconic Irish Styles and materials. Zones of different atmospheres are fit-out to reflect their purpose.  The design team at McNally Design and the Irish Pub Company created dynamic internal and external spaces that the customer can move comfortably throughout.

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