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Durty Nellys Halifax

Our philosophy is to cherish our Irish Heritage.

Our design philosophy is to translate the experiences of an authentic Irish Pub into something tangible and enticing. The Irish Pub Concept, our creation, continues to compete with the best of the best and in many cases outlasts renowned brands.

Our unique designs recreate and promote the best of Ireland’s craftsmanship, arts and culture, delivering an excellent experience to the consumer so that they will return again and again.

We are proud of the Irish brand of inspiration and engagement. To us it is a living and historic culture that travels globally, both socially and commercially. This enthusiasm fuels our philosophy to offer unique designs that translate our culture into both an authentic experience and successful business.

View a sample of our projects in our portfolio. 

Read more about the story of how the Irish Pub Company was commissioned by Guinness to create the Irish Pub Concept. 

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