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The Irish Pub Company are Pub Design Experts, Pub Build Experts and Pub Refurbishment Experts.


Some might say refurbishment, some might say refresh, some might say renovate…re-use… re-done … no matter what word you use the value remains.

A pub and bar refurbishment will make a difference to your business:
~  Attract New Customers
~  Re-Excite Your Customers
~  Add Value to your Business
~  Make your Pub or Bar the Place to Go
~  Beat off Competitors
~  Secure your Market Share
~  Enhance the ‘soul’ of your business
The Irish Pub Company are the leading pub, bar and restaurant design and refurbishment company. Our teams of designers and project managers are experts in refurbishing existing businesses. Our refurbishment services bring character and soul to pubs around the world. We are brand creators and our marketing development services will get your pub noticed.
Refurbishing an old Irish Pub
For a small investment, a pub refurbishment can add tremendous value for operators, freshening their pub and bringing their pubs into the 21st century. At the Irish Pub Company we have been doing a lot of research into the Revitalised Irish Pub; that will attract new consumers and make the pub, once again, a remarkable business opportunity for those who built their pubs in the 1990’s and early noughties. We are having a lot of fun refurbishing some pubs we designed and built in the 1990’s, revitalising them and enabling the owners and operators to reap the rewards for many more years to come.” Mel McNally, CEO, Irish Pub Company.
The Irish Pub Company refurbishment and revitalisation programme is bringing the pub concept forward to meet the demands of the evolving customer and the challenges posed by new competitors.
~  New consumer needs
~  New beverage influences
~  New consumption patterns
~  New competitors in the market

Don’t be left behind. 

The Irish Pub Company Design for longevity, we design for different atmospheres, we design to excite customers and we design against competition. We ensure the pub operator has the success they deserve.

The Irish Pub Company are market leaders in the design, build and fit-out of authentic, traditional and modern Irish Pubs around the world. We are the leading pub design company. See Our Project Styles

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