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St Patricks Day, March 17th, is a day that offers Ireland and as a result authentic Irish Pubs and Restaurants an opportunity to celebrate with their existing customers and engage and entice new customers like no other day of the year.
The Irish Pub is at the centre of our communities here in Ireland. It is a social meeting place for happy, sad and all occasions, the pub in many small towns in the epicentre of activity and social goings on.
There are more than 70 Million people around the world that claim Irish decent. These diaspora, many of which are pub operators understand the importance of staying connected to the Emerald Isle – the Irish Pub offers a connection like no other.

St Patrick’s Day offers an incredible Opportunity for the Irish Pub & in turn Ireland Inc.

Irish Pubs & Bars are satellites of Irishness, gathering venues, which in any location around the world attract a broad spectrum of customers, exposing them to a taste of Ireland and for a moment “bringing them all back home”. Authentic Irish pubs keep an important connection from Ireland and its people to the rest of the world.

St Patrick’s Day. An Opportunity for the Irish Pub & in turn Ireland Inc.

Donal Ballance, Ballance Hospitality discusses the opportunity that Irish Pubs offer for Ireland Inc.

“The majority of North Americans have their first experience of Irish culture by way of the Irish Pub in their town or city. They quickly and easily engage with the sense of community, friendship and conviviality they find there because it’s so different to the average cookie-cutter bar and restaurant environment. As a result, the contemporary Irish Pub in North America is a very important portal to Ireland and to Irish culture. 
It’s a fact that many people are and will continue to be inspired to visit Ireland by the microcosm of Irish life they find in contemporary Irish Pubs. I strongly believe the many thousands of pubs who are out there doing a great job in the US and Canada have been a neglected opportunity for Ireland Inc.” Donal Ballance, Ballance Hospitaility.

Authentic, design-led Irish pubs bring home to the Irish diaspora while making visitors feel at home. 

Sláinte! Have a Very Happy St Patrick’s Day!