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Off the back of the Irish Pubs Global Gathering 2015 in the Convention Centre Dublin we wanted to share some of our thoughts on the Challenges Facing the Irish Pub and our plans in Revitalising the Irish Pub Concept.
We were delighted with the compliments our work received and the interest in Mel’s presentation. His presentation is now uploaded on our YouTube channel.
In the 1990’s and in partnership with Guinness Brewing Worldwide, now Diageo, the Irish Pub Company developed the five main styles of Irish Pub that form the basis of Irish Pub Design throughout the world. Our atmospheres create:
• Places of Intrigue
• Places with Real Expressions of Ireland – Its People and Culture
• Places of Escapism
• Places for Social Gatherings and entertainment for all occasions
We created a remarkable business opportunity with a ROI second to none – its success is due to it being GENUINE and TRUE TO LIFE in Ireland Past and Present.
The Irish Pub Company & Guinness took part in a major roadshow and expanded the Irish Pub Phenomenon throughout Europe into the USA and the rest of the world. But…. Many followed, many copied and some plagiarised and compromised the concept. In the years of the financial crash, new competitors arrived to challenge the Irish Pub and these new operators understand exactly what the customer wants.
In 2015…
While there are many authentic, design led Irish pubs doing a great job – there are many that are not and that is a neglected opportunity for Ireland and a risk to the future of the Irish Pub. Mel, our CEO and the creator of the Irish Pub Concept, discussed the challenges facing the Irish Pub and examined what can be done to revitalise it!

With beverage influences, demographic influences and changing customer preferences changing; capturing these influences in revitalised design is essential for the Irish Pub to remain a remarkable business opportunity.

We, the Irish Pub Company have evolved our product to; fascinate our customers; to compete with competitors of the concept and to re-align the Irish Pub as a Global Phenomenon.

Have we retained the IRISH? … Yes
Have we retained TRADITION? … Yes
Have we retained AUTHENTICITY? … Yes

Irish Pubs Need To Evolve and Revitalise and Once Again Position Themselves as the Remarkable Business Opportunity to Operators and Investors.