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The Irish Pub Company and McNally design were tasked with creating a stand out, own door, Gastro concept pub that would attract the curious customer and add value to the hotel at The Inn at Dromoland, Co. Clare.
The primary challenge was to create a single destination, combining a restaurant, bar and lounge while providing areas for entertainment in music and sport. The brief was to create a unique Gastro Pub that would be unequalled in Ireland.

The Gastro Pub Case Study. Shannigan’s, The Inn at Dromoland

The design of Shannigan’s is described as ‘contemporary meets classic with pockets of personality’. When planning the space, the Irish Pub Company and McNally design team focused on dividing the venue into smaller zones that differ both in terms of style and scale. Individual design features such as a Gastro Café, Wine Tunnels, a Traditional Snug, a Raised Dining Area and a feature Fireplace create different but complementing atmospheres in one space.

Mel McNally
commenting about the gastro pub in the hotel sector.

“In recent years we have witnessed the addition of the Own Door Gastro Pub to hotels all over the world. The Gastro Pub offers a unique opportunity to mix day parts and evening parts, give all generations what they want in one space and make a hotel a go to destination for high quality gastronomic experiences. It mixes the traditional bar and the modern restaurant and that excites customers. Ideal for entertainment, beverage and food experiences a Gastro Pub is an essential part of any hotels business.”

Front and centre of the design team’s minds was to create spaces in which atmosphere is applied rather than decoration of a space. Shannigan’s is a prime example of the creative use of space to offer all customers what they want in one venue; exciting the customer and adding value to the hotel.


Mark Nolan, Managing Director, The Inn at Dromoland: “The Irish Pub Company & McNally Design architects and interior designers created a very special “own door” Gastro Pub for The Inn at Dromoland. The team provided excellent advice on design and went beyond the ordinary by creating dynamic intimate areas with stunning interiors that mixes rustic and contemporary design which bring a warm and sophisticated atmosphere to the venue. Shannigan’s Gastro Pub has added value to the hotel and the design has turned a curious customer into a “loyal” customer. The team delivered the highest quality service and we would highly recommend.”


Style Tip from our team for hotels that are in need of renovation and are thinking of going down the Gastro Route.

When creating a Gastro addition to any hotel it is important to remember it will function as a pub and a restaurant. Creating spaces for both these atmospheres and creating character zones in the pub for all types of customer is key to its success. Create a gathering space for large groups alongside smaller spaces for intimate meetings and don’t be afraid to add the element of surprise!



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