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In this article Mel McNally, SEO of the Irish Pub Company explores the importance of Authenticity in Irish Pub Design. One of the key elements of an Irish Pub Company Irish Pub is Authenticity ~ we transport genuine Irish culture, surroundings and standards like the true Irish Pubs of today through stunningly accurate interior designs.
Our design concepts have depth, heritage, tradition and authenticity. Our concept oozes Irishness from its core, and that is very important to our customers. It differentiates us from themed restaurants, and it’s a talking point around the concept. Ireland is expressed in real ways throughout our designs – rather than simply using Irish memorabilia, our designs are Irish to their core.

The popularity and appeal of Irish Pubs, in our opinion, is due to their conviviality and authenticity. Authenticity instead of transported themes is vital to the success of an Irish Pub. People engage with the sense of community, friendship and conviviality they find in an authentic Irish pub.

Irish Pubs that express genuine Irish culture hospitality and traditions are welcoming, making the consumer want to return again and again. By combining the key factors of accurate authentic design, great music, great food, drink and friendly welcoming staff trained in the ‘Irish way’, the Irish Pub offers a relaxed and welcoming environment – an escape from the everyday, a place to contemplate and a place to socialise.…. Of course the ‘Craic’ is important!
Irish Pub Company pubs are not themed – they are authentic representations of Ireland and as such they will always be unique. A lot of background work goes into developing the character of each pub; the soul of the pub, an authentic environment and authentic customer experience – we have created many successful brands of Irish Pub. 
Each style tells its own story; the Victorian Irish Pub, the Celtic Style, the Brewery style, the shop style and the country style each tell their own story AND within these styles EACH of our pubs tells its own story.

Even the Modern Irish and Gastro style from the Irish Pub Company oozes authenticity and draws on many sources of inspiration as can be seen on some of our latest design concepts. 

the importance of Authenticity in Irish Pub Design

The authenticity of the Irish pub concept stands up to scrutiny—the deeper you dig, the more interesting and attractive it becomes.


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