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The Hotel Restaurant & Bar – Not just for your guests!

In today’s consumer centric world the customer wants more. Hotel operators have the opportunity to create social centres and experience destinations in their hotels. Hotel guests and locals can sit side by side through the addition of a design led bar or restaurant.
The Irish Pub Company and its sister company McNally Design have been creating ‘own door’ design concepts, bars and restaurants in hotels all over the world for many years; adding surprise for the local customer and the hotel guest; and adding value for the operator and owner.


Shannigan’s The Inn At Dromoland

The ‘convenient’ hotel restaurant or bar for guests who are ‘too tired to leave the hotel after a day’s excursions’ is a mentality that should no longer exist; it is time to excite the customer and add value to your hotel. The traditional bar and the modern restaurant that excite customers and make a hotel a go to destination for entertainment, beverage and food experiences is an essential part of any hotels business.
Own door, design led restaurants and bars offer the opportunity of a bustling meeting spot where visitors can integrate with the locals, where the offer surprises and keeps on surprising. Designed with appeal for all generations and all type of guests, hotels today need to realise the opportunity that own door bar and restaurant concepts offer.
As in all solutions design of own door concept within a hotel is only successful if it;

  • Changes the dynamic of the business
  • Attracts More Business
  • Contributes the Bottom Line
  •  Achieves a ‘game change’ in the clientele
  • Reinforces the brand
  • And makes a curious customer a loyal customer.

An example from our portfolio is the design and build of Shannigan’s, an own door Gastro Pub in The Inn at Dromoland, Co. Clare.

Gastro Pub Design from the Irish Pub Company

Shannigan’s, The Inn at Dromoland, designed and built by the Irish Pub Company & McNally Design

Mark Nolan, the Managing Director speaks about working with the team at the Irish Pub Company & McNally Design

“The Irish Pub Company & McNally Design architects and interior designers created a very special “own door” Gastro Pub for The Inn at Dromoland in 2014. The team provided excellent advice on design and went beyond the ordinary by creating dynamic intimate areas with stunning interiors that mixes rustic and contemporary design which bring a warm and sophisticated atmosphere to the venue. Shannigan’s Gastro Pub has added value to the hotel and the design has turned a curious customer into a “loyal” customer. The team delivered the highest quality service and we would highly recommend.”

Attract locals, appeal to guests and add a design led own door bar or restaurant to your hotel.


Ian Smith, Manager of McGill’s at the Powerscourt Hotel speaks about working with our team and how McGills has added value to the hotel in Powerscourt. 

Irish Pub Comapny & McNally Design design - McGills Irish Pub, Powerscourt Hotel Enniskerry

Irish Pub Company & McNally Design design – McGills Irish Pub, Powerscourt Hotel Enniskerry

…”The addition of an ‘Own Door’ Irish Pub food and beverage venue has diversified the offering of the hotel and has added value to it. McGill’s is a popular venue for locals and hotel guests alike. The design and atmosphere created contrasts yet complements the other areas of the hotel and our guests continuously comment on the Irish experience McGill’s provides. The Irish Pub Company delivered the highest quality service, they brought an innovative design and seamless project management skills to the project.” … 


The Irish Pub Company and McNally Design, design and build in the hospitality industry to add value, raise standards and enhance the brand of a project’s owner and operator.

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