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An Authentic Irish Pub has many elements that set it apart from other bars;

  • the use of a snug in Irish pubs is unique;
  • the divider screens attract groups to chat and have a private zone;
  • the drama of the bar and back bar, which we call the altar of service is a feature in Irish Pubs;
  • and great details in glass & joinery throughout.

No two Irish Pub Company pubs are alike each design is based on the story of that pub and which we tell through the design.

However, before a visitor enters an Irish Pub, they have the opportunity to see the detailed design they first encounter the Shop Front.

One of the most important design elements to any Irish Pub is the shop front – enticing customers in, establishing the brand of the pub and setting expectations for every visitor that enters through its doors.

Irish Pub Company Shop Fronts

Irish Pub Company Shop Fronts

Shop fronts form an important part of the history of any town in Ireland. Quality, detailed shop fronts expressed true character.


Irish Pub Concept Shop Front Sketch

The butcher, the baker, the pharmacy and the local pub among others would oftentimes have their own colours and each would have differing styles each created by expert craftsmen. Columns, tiling, signage, cornicing and corbels often form classical elements of Authentic Irish Shop Fronts.
Nine Fine Irishmen

Nine Fine Irishmen Las Vegas Internal Shop Front Design & Build by the Irish Pub Company

Nowadays – operators understand the business opportunity associated with Irish Pubs and now we see Irish Pubs being built in many locations; in airports, in hotels, in casinos and in factories! Each offers the opportunity for a beautiful shopfront to entice the target customer in and allow them to experience the atmosphere of the pub and keep them coming back for more.

The design of any Shop Front defines the character of your pub, it is an important element of the brand and it begins the story of the Pubs personality.

The Irish Pub Company designs beautiful shop fronts that match the character of each of our Irish Pubs.

View some of our Shop Fronts here.

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