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According to the Irish Whiskey Association, Irish whiskey exports will grow global market share by 300% by 2030: from 4% to 12%. And it is claimed the value of Irish Whiskey exports will double over the next five years.

Alongside this resurgence in the popularity of whiskey, the rise of the educated and savvy customer is having an impact on bar and pub design.

Customers no longer just ask for a ‘beer’ or a ‘whiskey’.
Customers are no longer satisfied being served, they want to be involved and they want to be educated.
Customers now come for the experience; they want to experience more than just drinking – they want it to be an event.

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A Whiskey Bar addition to any location; a hotel, a restaurant, a club and even a pub is an exciting prospect with huge potential.

Take an existing Irish bar and transform it by adding a dramatic spirit bar. With distinct areas for gathering and meeting spaces created by adding and designing a contemporary feel around a salvaged Irish Bar which brings old Ireland to the new experience of ‘the tasting room’.

Check out the Irish Pub Company’s Whiskey Bar Concept here

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In late 2014 the Irish Pub Company designed the Irish Whiskey Museum situated in Dublin 2. This innovative design was the first of its type in Ireland – the first ever Irish Whiskey Museum in the world. The Irish Whiskey Museum brings you on a journey through the history of Irish Whiskey in a beautiful setting. See the Irish Pub Company design of the Irish Whiskey Museum here.

Whiskey Bar Design from the Irish Pub Company

Irish Whiskey Museum Design & Build from the Irish Pub Company


Historic Snapshot of Irish Whiskey

The word ‘whiskey’ comes from the Irish words ‘uisce beatha’ which means water of life. The first records of Whiskey in Ireland is in 1405 and it is believed that the monks brought knowledge of the distilling process back from the Mediterranean; the Irish then used this process to create a drinkable spirit – whiskey!

Irish Whiskey Museum -SignpostThere were a few bumps in the road for Irish whiskey exports throughout the years

~ Prohibition in the United States in the 1920’s and 1930’s upset the export market and forced many distilleries out of business.

~ The Irish War of Independence and the civil war thereafter made exporting whiskey very difficult.
~ After Ireland gained independence a number of trade disputes with Britain cut off export to all commonwealth countries.

~ In the 60’s the number of distilleries dwindled and they combined their resources to form Irish Distillers.

Through the  following decades, Irish Whiskey had a turbulent history but since the 1990’s we have seen a resurgence in the great Uisce Beatha and it is now one of the fastest growing spirits in the world. Seven Million 9 litre cases of Irish whiskey were exported last year and this figure is predicted to grow to 25 Million by the year 2030… that’s a lot of whiskey!

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