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The Irish Pub in 2018 by McNally Design and the Irish Pub Company.

The Irish Pub in 2018 is a revitalised concept that offers more; it is a global brand that competes against food and beverage concepts all over the world. It is a concept that stands the test of time and encourages people to socialise!

How do the team at the Irish Pub Company and McNally Design create the best bars, pubs and restaurants in the world?

  • We take the best of old pub culture and integrate it with the trends of today.
  • We build an emotional connection to new and old Ireland through recognisable and subliminal references.
  • We stay true to Irish Pub culture but we are not bound by it.
  • We create places that encourages social outings.
  • Our pubs are successful because of their identity, their authenticity, their atmosphere and their quality.

The Irish Pub in 2018 is a Global Brand that is worth taking note of.  Raise a glass to the future of tradition.

The Irish Pub in 2018: design trends from the Irish Pub Company and McNally Design:

We Involve the Customer. Today’s customers are educated and want to be educated in the product they are consuming and the concept they are experiencing. Today people want more experiences in one space and Irish Pub Company and McNally Design food and beverage outlets offer this.

We Satisfy the Brands. Now more than ever, customers want to know more about the brands they are consuming – we have seen the rise of craft beers, the resurgence of whiskey and now the explosion of gins on to the scene. People are more brand aware and want to be able to choose the brand rather than the product they like to consume. This has implications on design – brands, old and new, local and global need to be worked into design.

We Tell the Story of the concept. We take customers on a journey. As soon as they enter the ‘story’, stress needs to dissipate and relaxation needs to set in.

Through our revitalised Irish Pub designs, we have redefined the experience of our Irish-ness in a visual, tactile, textual and social way.

We encourage social interaction. We entice people to socialise by providing them with an environment and experience that is more attractive than staying in.

We bring authenticity to the fore. Now more than ever authenticity is important. We integrate the best parts of old pub culture and integrate it with the best of today. 

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