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Why Invest with the Irish Pub Company


An Irish Pub Company Pub is a remarkable business opportunity.

The Irish Pub Company creates proven concepts with minimal need for capital reinvestment and one of the strongest bottom lines in the industry. Today’s investors see the significant potential and opportunities that lie within a well-executed and authentic Irish Pub. We offer a proven concept that stacks up.

All our concepts are developed using sound business principles and offer;

Return on Investment 

Research of 1000 Irish Pubs highlighted that Irish Pub Company pubs deliver higher gross sales than any other design company. According to Guinness research, revenue at authentic Irish pubs exceed typical average bar sales.


A multi-layered concept with depth, heritage, tradition and authenticity. The Irish Pub Company transports genuine Irish culture, surroundings and standards like the true Irish Pubs of today through our stunningly accurate interior designs.


The allure of Irish Pubs goes much wider than the Irish population of any country. Visiting an Irish Pub is the highlight of most people’s trips to Ireland. The Irish Pub Company has developed some of the most popular destination pubs in the world.


Some of the best Irish Pubs remain untouched for generations. The Irish Pub Company develops concepts that stand the test of time.


The Irish Pub opens up all day parts for trading. It has strong links with both the sporting & events calendar, making popular promotional events possible. Investors have been bringing the concept to a number of new locations such as airports and multi-layered entertainment venues such as casinos & hotels.

View a sample of our projects in our portfolio. 

Read more about the story of how the Irish Pub Company was commissioned by Guinness to create the Irish Pub Concept. 

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Why Invest in the Irish Pub Company