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Irish Pub Company pubs export the local to global destinations and we have been exporting Irish Culture through our pubs since the late 1980’s. Each one of our designs is unique and tells its own story – and most importantly local Irish Culture is embedded in each of our designs.
While we transport a piece of Ireland to each destination, we understand that each country and indeed each town has its own cultural tendencies and preferences that must be taken into account – we design a business obviously based on Irish traditions and culture but the local global culture is a factor that our designers keep front and centre of their minds at all times.

Irish Culture

One may ask, how we ensure our Pubs stay local and global at the same time…

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Our pubs remain local through their personalities and stories as well as the Irish design features running throughout our pubs. Our pubs are embedded in Irish Culture – while one might walk into one of our more recent pubs and think – wow this is more global and modern than I was expecting – as you dig deeper, EVERY design element contributes to the local Irish story of the pub in its global setting, it is Irish to the core.
Exporting the ‘local’ and exporting a culture will only be successful if the people from that culture and the culture itself are sure of its identity; Ireland has a very strong heritage and culture.

As Mel McNally, CEO of the Irish Pub Company says: “We have a responsibility to stay true to what the Irish Brand is when creating an Irish pub. People need to be able to experience what we are “selling” them when they come to Ireland.” Stamps Landing Floor

The brand needs to exist prior to being exported so that it can compete in a global setting – if it is created to be exported like it is in ‘themed’ outlets then the authenticity will not exist and it will not last the test of time. People will not buy into it and it will never become an internationally recognisable brand – that is why our authentic Irish Pubs are the most successful in the world.
The Irish Pub Company are very conscious of the power of the Irish brand – when we did the original research with Guinness we worked hard to ensure that the best of the brand would be transported through our pub designs. Our research and our definitions of the Irish Pub styles have formed the basis of all Irish Pub design throughout the world today!
However, even in Ireland our pubs have evolved to suit the consumer and beverage preferences of today. Indeed some preferences and traditions that have travelled from all different countries around the world due to globalisation are impacting on how the modern day Irish Pub works.
In our revitalised Irish pub concept we take all these into consideration: the beverage influences, the need for technology, the need for excitement and evolution to name a few, yet we never lose the essence of local Ireland among these global influences.

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